Men can wear skirts, too.

Men wearing skirts is taboo.

How true. Any self respecting man’s man in the year 2011 would never be caught dead wearing a skirt, as it would impose on their masculinity, as well as their ability to get a date with any kind of person on earth.

We fail to remember that there is a long history of “manly men” in skirts, otherwise refered to as “kilts.” The kilt was never intended to be a fashion craze, nor to degrade the masculinity of any man; in fact, the kilt was an all-purpose garment in the 16th century- if not being worn, the garment could provide shelter, be quilted in such a manner as to provide protection to the wearer and allowed the Scottish highlanders, who had a culture of wearing kilts, to move quicker while in battle or traveling.

Check out more of the kilt’s oxymoronic history here.

How does this apply to fashion today?

There is absolutely no way that one could tell me that this dude doesn’t look bad ass. In today’s age, it is very much taboo for any male to be wearing anything that resembles a skirt or “kilt”. Drawing from the history of this garment, I would say that a skirt on a man would actually give the image that he is  “man’s man”- comfortable enough with himself to do such a thing and not give a fuck.

In the same sense of practicality that the Scottish kilt served, a man in a skirt can potentially move quicker than his peers wearing horribly baggy pants that have to be pulled up every three seconds while attempting to outrun the law. Also, this style gives men more options with styles of dress (wouldn’t one be tired of complaining all the time about not having enough fashion choices and that women get to have all the fun in fashion?).


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