Save your P.J.’s for bed time.

I’ve been working at a call center for about a year and 5 days (and I’m surprised that I haven’t committed suicide yet), and since I’ve been working at this job a phenomenon has re-surfaced that I thought I escaped after dropping of college: wearing one’s pajamas.

Yes, pajamas.

I’m not talking about anything basic- I’m talking about employees boasting about how they wore their favorite/best pair of Spongebob Squarepants or Guitar Hero sleep pants with their brand new, limited edition Ohio State collector’s hooded sweatshirt to the office.


I get the fact that we’re not actually face-to-face with our customers, but this doesn’t give folks a justified reason to come to work looking like couch potatoes.

And I will be the first to admit- I am all for one dressing as they please. But, come on; we are technically in a PROFESSIONAL environment. I felt the same way when I was still in school: female students would (literally) roll out of bed, throw on some Victoria’s Secret “PINK” branded sweats (sometimes wearing an entire sweatsuit!), plop on the UGG boots, tie their hair in a messy bun and walk out the door; the male version of this is any type of sports apparel, tennis shoes, complemented with an all black North Face jacket (girls would also wear these luxury winter jackets). All felt that this is acceptable, because, after all, they are simply hard working college students.


If one arrives to class and the professor at least looks as if he/she has put some kind of effort into being presentable for their students, I feel as if the students would/should owe their professor the same courtesy and respect. Same goes for the workplace- one has a “business casual” dress code, meaning jeans are accepted a majority of the time, as well as many other types of clothing, but the pajamas are best saved for night-night time.

If you would like to at least look as if you have a brain in your head and are prepared to work directly with others in a work environment, for the love of God, I BEG YOU, please put some kind of effort into looking like a human being.

If you would rather be perceived as the loud-mouthed trailer park mom with at lease 4 kids and no baby daddy living on welfare or unemployment, not ready to tackle life head on (or even chew your own food out of fear you may burn a few calories), please see the example below:



Don’t do yourself a disservice.



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