Define “Business Casual”?

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I feel as if I don’t fully grasp the boundaries of the “business casual” dress code.

I’ll start by explaining my interpretation of the word business. When I think of this word, I automatically think dress suits, ties, briefcases, fancy black leather shoes/loafers, and all of the stereotypical things associated with “business”. In my workplace, the interpretation seems to be very much scattered amongst the interpreters, if one will.

Reflecting on my last post, one of these interpretations is pajamas at work; again, I’ve already touched on this topic and won’t any further. I suppose I should just stick to my interpretation of the afore mentioned phrase. To start, a “going to work”outfit would consist of: a decent pair of black/brown/tan shoes, dark skinny jeans (because that basically all I own), a denim button up/funky sweater/funky print button up, and that’s it.

Basically, enough to stay somewhat within whatever dress guidlines exist and still be able to add my own personal flair to it. And, it’s safe to say that no one has ever complained about my “business casual” look (nor do they complain about the p.j. Wearers).

So, that’s my two cents. What are your thoughts? How do you interpret “business casual”? I would love to know, just to make sure I’m not way off base. (hehe!)



2 thoughts on “Define “Business Casual”?

  1. I think in a lot of ways, business casual is based on the company’s culture. But for outings where we have to be in public, that might be a different story. Take for example the trade show I’m prepping for hosted by Microsoft. Microsoft stated that exhibitors have to at least be BUSINESS CASUAL and Microsoft did not play around. Basically, no t-shirts, no flip flops, and no shorts (all of which totally fly at the office). Microsoft was insanely specific.

    Now for business casual for a networking event, I’d go with something that makes you feel good. I don’t know why, but blazers with just about anything makes one look way more polished. I was at a SXSW Interactive event with all these New York tech professionals. Some of the kookiest clothes I’ve seen; but nearly everyone had a blazer on when you knew they were trying to be “profesh.”

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