Leggings As Pants?


Wear a skirt, wear some shorts, SOMETHING that doesn’t place one in this category!

Leggings, as far as the pants aspect of them are concerned, show way too much detail around the crotch area (especially if one is a male, such as myself). Just to save one some embarrassment and one’s last shred of dignity (because everyone knows, you’ve been doing this for years with no remorse), PUT SOMETHING ELSE ON OVER THE LEGGINGS, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

This is going to be a short post because I want to segway this into another post about “loungewear”. I’m not talking about wearing PJ’s in the house; I’m talking about when one want to have a comfortable day wearing something relaxing that still looks good and conveys personality. With that being said, I DEFINITELY DON’T MEAN THE TYPICAL BASEBALL CAP, HOOP SHORTS, TENNIS SHOES, SPORTS BRA, UNDER ARMOR YOGA PANTS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! Going to the grocery store is definitely not going to the gym, so why look as such? 

(Ok, I’ve exposed too much. Time to save it until the next post.)

Please think before you dress, and always express yourself.



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