Mission: Failed

As promised 4 days ago, I was to take some snapshots of fashion in NYC during my stay. Due to some unforeseen frustrations with my trip (mostly, the damn metro,) I wasn’t able to keep that promise. However, I would like to discuss some of my observations.

First, I want to inform you that fashion doesn’t really exist in the financial district, a.k.a. Wall Street. My friends and I ended up staying at a hotel there because it was the only decently priced one in which we could get the best rate for what we wanted. Originally, we wanted to stay at another hotel in Chelsea, which we’ve stayed at before. Chelsea has some fashion. My senses were instantly pleased as soon as I stepped off train. But in any event…

One thing I noticed (mostly for women) is that there is a trend with tights and flats. A majority of women I encountered (whether it was paired with shorts or with a skirt) were wearing this combo. It’s very cute, but a bit boring in my opinion. Of course, as they have been for some time now, leather jackets were everywhere, no matter what kind they were. Personally, I prefer the biker style jacket.

For the men: a lot of loafer style/canvas shoes. The most casual shoe I saw was a white high top Converse Chuck Taylor shoe. This was always paired with either skinny jeans, slim fitted jeans, or, as what is becoming a trend (and I honestly love this one; normally, I hate trends), the drop crotch jean that slims down/tapers in the leg towards the knee cap and thigh. What impressed me the most about this was the fact that it was edgy yet very clean, able to be worn to most events and places. 

The cream of the crop- and I’m super pissed I didn’t take any photos here- was at Union Square. Not only was I able to catch some Occupy Wall Street/Justice for Trayvon Martin protests (and some cool drumming), but there was a hoard of young people who just blew my mind. One guy who really stood out was  wearing a retro Hermes Paris 1987 jacket, multi colored, and a pair of “t.v. static” harem pants. There was also a girl who was wearing some hipster lens-less frames (which I abhor), a long  flannel shirt with a tank top underneath, and some high waisted, cut off, mom-jean esque shorts that were loose in the leg. FANTASTIC. My senses were beyond pleased.

I wore some great outfits, too, but no visuals to post yet due to my friend taking the photos. So, when those surface, I’ll be sure to post them.

That’s basically it. This post is more of a “let me tell you about my trip blah blah blah” type, but I felt I should say something since I led on with some photographic expectations.

Stay Real



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