Dear Ms. Westwood




Lately,I’ve become obsessed with Vivienne Westwood. Westwood is by far the only designer that I’ve become obsessed with, and I owe much respect to her and the brand; it’s the only brand that has ever made dress clothes appealing to me.

Normally, I can not tolerate dress close- business suits, ties, dress slacks, button-up dress shirts, etc; if it makes me look like I’ve taken out a 401K and I watch the stock market closely, I won’t wear it. However, the men’s styles designed by Westwood have a certain “flare” to them, if you will.

By flare, I mean that there is always a distinct design to the pieces- a rip, a tear, an embellishment, a ruffle, or a print- that still gives one the sense of style identity one likes to have, while maintaining a professional look that will be appreciated by potential employers, one’s current employer, or when going to an event where dress attire is “required”, so to say.

In a phrase, Vivienne Westwood pieces are “punk pieces for the professional world.” I couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

Check out some Westwood pieces, if you get the chance. Of course, I’m a million years late on this, but no better time than the present.

Stay Wild,



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