Too feminine/Too masculine?

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a looong time, mostly because it pisses me off to a certain degree.

And as you may have guessed, yes; this is about gender roles in fashion- how they’re expressed and individuals are put down for not portraying the “correct” role, particularly when it comes to men’s fashion.

Let’s start with the ladies: wearing your boyfriend’s flannel shirt/t-shirt from the night before, boxer shorts, the recently popular “boyfriend” jean- all of these looks, derived from or insired by a man’s wardrobe, receive no criticisim by the general public. They think it’s cute! And to a certain degree it is. I mean, who doesn’t love a sexy girl with a rough-and-tough look? Again, this isn’t as taboo as a man wearing leggings (not referring to wearing underarmor while running…).

MEN: don’t let yourself be caught dead in heels or with a drapey type of shirt- it takes away your masculinity. FUCKING INCORRECT! Not all men are meant to be ‘masculine’, nor do all men have to dress masculine: if women don’t have to be drones of fashion, why do men? I mean, women have SO MANY FUCKING CHOICES!!

My theory: if she can wear her boyfriend’s flannel shirt and a skirt, why can’t he wear a skirt and a flannel, too? If one would consider oneself updated on current high fashion, one would know that recently, the whole men-wearing-leggings thing has caught on- not quite everywhere, but in a majority of the world. But, in the U.S., something like this remains very taboo (trust me, I get looks all the damn time when I’m wearing leggings). These pieces being mixed and matched, especially among the genders, is such a wonderful way to find new was of expression via fashion. And why the hell not? Fashion in 2012 is either overly reproduced or super stagnant. Being able to mix any type of piece with another, regardless of gender, creates new styles (and new things to talk about with company!)

My overall point being: if it’s ok for one, why not the other? Why is there such a strong fucking taboo when it comes to fashion? Fashion freedom for all.

Boyfriend Jeans.

Girlfriend's Leggings.


Stay Strange~




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