The Boring Closet of Today’s Homosexual

Outside of those who do drag or prefer to wear heels and booty shorts (i.e. Jonte Moaning, who can pull this off better than ANYONE), I’ve come to the conclusion that homosexual men have absolutely no, I mean ZERO, style.

Yep. I’ve opened this can of worms, and I’m letting them crawl.

Of course, who am I to judge how other’s dress? I’m the one constantly screaming, “EXPRESS YOURSELF, DO YOU,” etc; I still stand by this. But, with the stereotype of gay men having a better sense of style than most, I have to say it’s just not true. Only about 20% of gay men can be held to this stereotype, because it’s true for them.

Here is where I pull my argument from: one walks into some sort of gay establishment and is instantly immersed in a sea of Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Express, American Eagle, etc. It’s suffocating (speaking from example.) And they LOVE IT! Honestly, it’s like walking into a clone factory, or being a product of having an identical twin and your mother always dressed you the same as the other.


Now, again, one may choose to wear what one likes, whenever they like…but, do not speak to me as a self proclaimed fashion guru and expect me to take you seriously as you wear an entire outfit consisting of A&F, even down to your undies….and a pair of boat shoes. Kick rocks, please.

However, there are those who actually give a damn and break the mold, and as we all know, I love breaking the mold. These are the ones who draw the line between looking completely like a man in drag and just another boy on the street wearing a Northface jacket. They realize that a t-shirt and jeans doesn’t ever happen on any runway in the world, let alone should it happen unless you’re a cast member of ‘Jersey Shore’.

I know I’m ranting. I just makes me upset. Out of ALL the stereotypes to not be true, and yet, still are believed to be the “go to” guys for fashion advice. My primary experience comes from the gays in good ol’ Columbus, Ohio- home to the Abercrombie & Fitch home office (as well as a few other brands), which is where a majority of people seem to work- and these guys think they are just the BEE’S KNEES in their graphic tee and boot cut jeans. This is a look for their everyday, office attire, and for going out on the town.

I wonder: especially in a place such as Columbus, why is this such a common look amongst the gays? Is it a “safe” look (meaning they won’t be judged by their looks, thus not appearing ‘gay’), or is this genuinely what they think fashion is? If they wore even half of the shit I wear, that’s when they would need to worry about being judged (no biggie for me).

Again, this is mostly another rant, and if any offense is taken, I apologize, and yet I don’t. I would love to know what others’ think about this topic.

My final thought: If a wardrobe full of just jeans, t-shirts, and polos is one’s idea of haute couture, please jump out of a window.

Stay Observant,



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