Who’s on the Cover of the Magazines?

A dear friend has brought it to my attention that we are faced with a dilemma in the world of fashion.

Recently, I have been following his posts on Twitter regarding African Americans in fashion- very seldom on the cover of magazines, chosen to be models for editorial spreads, etc. In a banter he was having with another Twitter user (who initially started this debate), he expressed to this user, “And I still don’t understand how the white man has privilege over the african american women’s vagina.” (this is all in reference to the user stating that my friend was ignorant on this topic i.e. White Privilage.)

My friend’s overall point was that this is not something unique to the Black community, as the other user in the debate is claiming; the point being made stems from a thing called, “the Caucasian standard”- designs, styles of fashion, and models used to display the pieces are either caucasian or are strongly centered around this idea, a European dominance, if you will. Asians, Latinos, Indians, and every other race and nationality is under-represented when it comes to fashion. The Industry seems to want to keep things on a more European level, which, by default, means Caucasian. 

Personally, I understand the point being made when it comes to models of color (if you will) being under represented and not receiving the same work as Caucasian models, but, isn’t fashion really about….fashion? I mean, the focal point should be the designs, etc., although I do understand that it makes a difference as to who you have wearing the designs. In this day in age, I would love to think that the issue of race has been thrown out of the window, especially in fashion; unfortunately, America will always be light years behind the rest of the world when it comes to ethics and humanity….kind of funny, considering that America was founded due to oppression and discrimination. 

What do you think? Are models of color under represented in fashion? Is one ethnicity discriminated against more than the other? What is your take on the Caucasian standard?

Stay Aware,



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