My Summer Must-Haves

Since my last few posts have been very socially/politically charged, I figured I would bring the focus back to the point of this entire blog- fashion.

By the way: sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I understand how inconsistent I am with this, and I promise that I’m trying to get better about updating at least once every 2 weeks…when I decided I’m not bored with it and move to something else in which to quickly become bored with.

Anyway, I wanted to present my must-have items for this summer (and any summer, for that matter):

1) Rocking horse shoes- I’m completely obsessed with rocking horse shoes as of late, especially after I purchase my first pair; unfortunately, they’re knock-offs, but who cares. In my opinion, when worn with a fairly simple look, it really adds a lot of flare and that “finishing touch” to still make the outfit stand out. 

2) Short shorts (tight or baggy)- They just work. Male, female, ape, it really doesn’t matter who’s wearing them, as long as you have them. Granted, they don’t have to be ass-cheek short, just enough that it adds some kind of minimal piece to the look. Lately, I’m really digging the baggy short short look. And, of course- lots and lots of fringe and fraying denim (meaning, you made your own cut offs. Why not? It means one paid for 2 looks!) 

I hate to use Russel Brand for fuck’s sake, but he’s wearing what I’m taking about (for men, at least).




3) Denim jackets/vests- Yes, I know that this has been in for the last few summers now, but it’s just a great piece to have everyday, all the time. It’s versatile, one may pack it away for those cold nights at a bon fire or where ever, most likely drunk off of one’s ass (and yes, I’m talking about me). I’ve also taken one of my old denim shirts I don’t wear much anymore, cut the sleeves off and turned it into a vest of shorts. It works.

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

4) Oversized shirts- This is an extremely broad category. They can be long sleeved, short sleeved, t-shirts, off the shoulder shirts, etc. To me, oversized shirts add a special kind of mystery to a look; they also make one look skinnier.

5) Tank tops- ONE CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY TANK TOPS. Again, I prefer these to be oversized, and style doesn’t matter- muscle tank, a-tank, etc., as long as it’s way big on you.

6) Harem pants- all looks, all prints, all lengths. Get on that harem pant!!!! I love these to death and can’t stop buying them. I even recently purchased some drop crotch skinny denim just because I love the harem look so much. Again, to me, one of those things that just works. 

7) Spikes/chains/crosses- I really have a thing for spikes, crosses, and chains. They add an element of edge, scariness, and toughness that just makes me feel good…like I could kick someone’s ass. I guess it’s just more of a self esteem booster for me, but regardless, the look is too hot to pass up.

What’s not to love?

8) Floral print- all floral everything. Just wear it. Think of yourself as a glam rocker who dresses like a woman but can bone any girl he wants, whenever he wants. 

9) Tribal print/geometric patterns- I know, I know….you’re most likely vomiting on your computer because I mentioned this. Yes, it was way cool about 5 summers ago and has thrived each summer since then, but it’s just cool!

10) Leggings/man skirts- Everyday, all the time. Mostly for chilly nights. I would do a legging with loose shorts and a tank top. One could also do a man skirt (long length, of course) with an oversized shirt of any kind.

Jared Leto and crew.

Honestly, this list could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. I would love to know what everyone’s personal summer must-haves are. Would you be willing to share????

Stay hydrated,



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