Something Borrowed

We’ve all done it- hipster or otherwise.

Thrifting is becoming an ‘it’ thing as of late…well, since pop culture decided retro fashion is in. Whether your reason for thrifitng is based on my previous statement or you’re just trying to ball on a budget, thrift store finds can complety change one’s wardrobe.

Basing off of my own personal experiences, I like to go into thrifiting with the mindset of “remake” (Tokyo Fashion followers know what I’m talking about)- taking a piece with tons of character, turing it into your own, and giving it life again. The beauty about making it your own is the choice to leave the garment as-is or get your scissors out and make modifications (my personal favorite).

To me, everything about thrifiting is the “best part”; the truely best part about thrifting is…

(Which means you’ll have more money for booze, etc.)

Anyway, here are some outfits based on the theme of “remake”:



What do you think about thrifiting? Do you enjoy it? Do you have some sort of complex that prevents you from wearing used clothing? What’s your favorite thrifted outfit idea?

Stay thrifty,


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