2 for 1

In the consumer world, a “two for one” deal is like a dream come true for one’s wallet. However, when applied to the fashion world, it’s an utter nightmare.

What I’m referencing is the trend of combining two trends into one piece, which makes no sense at all, to me. A prime example (and worst offender) – neon colored lace tank tops.

This is beyond gross, as well as a great example- stripes on the front and a lace back, all neon yellow?! Stop.

We get it- one wants to be trendy but only has a D.E.B. store available and this is the best one can do. One, however, would be better off without this garbage.

If I may, I want to equate this topic to the glitter-graphic ‘self confidence booster’ tee from days past; you know the one- bright pink, baby blue, purple, or any other color possible for a tee shirt, covered in glitter, sporting a stupid, egotistical phrase such as, “Diva”, “Princess”, or (my favorite),”Daddy’s Little Angel”.

What better example than this?

One other “trend” that has been combined too much would be the hipster/nerd glasses/shades. Ranging anywhere from distorting the classic Ray-Ban style by covering the frame in neon leopard and floral print, to having a metal (or plastic) mustache hang from the nose piece and dangle slightly above one’s lip. Great job on destroying functionality.

(Just because it’s on my mind after writing about it: please don’t wear shades in the club when it’s dark as hell in there. You look foolish.)

One combined trend I do appreciate would be the cotton jackets with leather sleeves. I think it’s because I love leather anything (other than faux leather leggings). This combo can stay.

Another combo that can stay- spikes. Put them on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

I’m sure that I’m missing some really big offenders of this sickening epidemic, so tell me what you’ve seen- what works for you as far as trend combos go, or what needs to be burned ASAP?

Stay away from neon lace anything.



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