Fashion (or lack of) in the Academe

Note: Although there will be a lot of criticism on my part, based on observations, this is just solely my opinion. I do not wish to attack anyone’s personal fashion preference, no mater what I may personally think of it.

As of the beginning of January, I have successfully re-entered the world of academia! Along with the excitement of cranial stimulation, there is also the the drudgery of looking at that ever present poster child of university life: the girl who is always in sweatpants and Ugg boots (and her counterpart, the guy who is always on his way to the gym.)

We know it. We’ve seen it. Why the hell does it happen?

Being what I would consider a rational and understanding person, I can accept the argument that it’s just school:  one had an early class and didn’t have the time one would normally take to get ready; one just likes being comfortable; it’s too cold outside (currently winter in Columbus); it’s laundry day and one ha no clean clothes.


Here’s what I think/have observed: professors, for the most part, take time to make themselves properly presentable each morning (with the occasional exception of Fridays, which is forgivable). They always show up to class on time, for the most part, and provide what students would expect of a professor, academically and fashion wise. Students, however, are chronic non-reciprocators of such courtesies, and generally think their lack of consideration in dress is OK.

It’s not OK.

I’m not saying that students need to dress to the nines every day, but putting on a decent pair of jeans and an ok to nice shirt goes a long way. UltimaiItely, it shows mutual respect between teachers and students, and it just makes one feel good.

If you look like shit, chances are you’ll feel like shit.

What are some thoughts on this topic? Am I just being a dick because I attended a huge school of seemingly boring people and want to rant about it? Are we actually witnessing a common student culture in the academe? What do other students feel about this??


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