The Great Canvas

Recently, I’ve decided that I want to become the male caucasian equivalent of Yoko Ono (on the performance art end, not marrying a musician and being accused of breaking up his/her band.) Performance art can be so obscure and horribly simple, that it’s sometimes frustrating when looking for inspiration for projects, or what one would do to execute any ideas formed. What better way to look for inspiration than to pull from what one knows: wearing clothes. 

I want to explore the idea of the human body as a canvas (leaving the temple aspect out of it.) It has to be the most unique canvas we have: it comes it many shapes, sizes, lengths, and in certain cases due to whatever, anatomical structures. We can paint on it; we can wash the paint off of it; we can dress it; we can undress it; we can exercise it and shrink its shape; we can somewhat neglect it and expand its shape (if I may even say this); we can photograph it and collage it together with other bodies; we should NEVER create a human centipede with it; and the list goes on. 

What I want to focus on is how we dress up/dress down/undress our bodies. I want to learn how others interpret what their human form canvas looks like, whether it is through fashion, diet and exercise, tattoos, etc.; just show it off.

I’ll be doing a series of photo-only posts as part of this project. Hopefully, I can develop it into an entire performance, but I would love to have your help, as well. If you wouldn’t mind, send me some photos of your interpretations! I would love to be a part of your process, as I would love you to be a part of mine.

Stay warm~


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