Old Becoming New And What Is It Worth?

With the mainstreaming on what one would call the hipster/punk culture (and yes, it’s been happening for the last 6 years), there has been a rise in the popularity of wearing ‘vintage’ clothing or finding pieces that have vintage bases, but with some kind of modern spin on them- almost like a mix of avant-garde and grandma. The pieces are no doubt fantastic, but what’s really disappointing is the cost, and what people area actually willing to pay for them.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment: a majority of what we see in the stores and catalogues can easily be pulled from our parents’ closets. Instead, we’d rather pay $50 for a printed t-shirt with Alf on it (did I just show my age?) How economical is that- $50 versus free? It’s not, and we know it.

I won’t go into too a whole lot on this topic, as it only needs a bit of attention for the moment, but let’s start thinking this way: if one can find it at the thrift store for much less or raid a closet and get a piece for free, do it. Don’t spend the extra money if it’s not necessary.

One last thing: there are times where it may be necessary to pay the extra cash for a piece, but when does one know to do that? After comparison, check for quality, originality, and availability. Only after all have been considered and it leans toward the more expensive item, spend the money. It may be worth it.

Any thoughts (I’m talking to you, avid thrifters)




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