A Vicious, Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Cycle?

We’ve come from a revival of 80’s fashion (although still poorly and inaccurately represented by every greek life organization on the planet) into a blatantly obvious trend of 90’s fashion. As I mentioned in my last post, a lot of folks are either going to pay top dollar for pieces that have the feel they want, but with a modern twist, or they’ll take their ass to the thrift store and find/make something authentic from that actual decade. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. Although obvious to those of us who have lived and experienced certain fashion trends in past decades, it seems as if fashion is becoming a bit too cyclical. 

The idea of trends cycling to new generations isn’t a completely horrible thing: it allows others to share and learn about a decade or period of time, in general, through what was worn then and what was “cool,” as well as giving younger people something “new” to play and experiment with. Hell, I do it all the time. But, I’m noticing that lately, it’s becoming too cyclical, as in, people are recreating complete looks from a certain decade (more recently, the 90’s) and it’s just a mess. The fun part about being able to share in these fashions is that we can pair them, mix and match them, and create completely new looks that define the decade or whatever we’re living in; in short, people think they’re being creative and modern, but they haven’t done their homework. 

This is just a short post on a thought I had today. What do you think? Are these people paying homage or are they complete copycats with no originality?




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