Creating Reality from an Idea (and not giving a single fuck)

The two people I’m obsessed with right now? Oh, that would be Nicola Formichetti and Hirari Ikeda. 

Why am I obsessed with them, you ask? Well, just look at them: 





Hopefully now you’re beginning understand why I’m gushing over them.

Nicola is the mind behind Nicopanda, a brand that seems to be based on Sharpie marker doodles that he does, and is worn by such famous Tokyo “it” people, such as the lovely Hirari Ikeda (above), Juria Nakagawa, etc. Hirari is basically an “it” girl in Harajuku, Tokyo, but her aesthetic and presentation of style go beyond that- she actually blends her personal universe with the one we all share and has no apologies for it.

What both of these individuals do, maybe without even realizing it, is that they actually bring their ideas to life. I can already hear a lot of reader saying, “people do that all the time,” yada yada yada…and to an extent, yes they would be correct in saying so. Where I’m coming from with this is that there is certain fearless attitude that really adds to what these two do. There are many out there who “talk the talk”, so to say, and will re-blog and post photos and all that shit of people like Nicola and Hirari, but they never actually bring these things to life the way Nicola and Hirari do. 

My point is, if you have an idea that you just can’t get rid of, bring it to life: do something to manifest it, build it, draw it, sew it, compose it, sing it, but never let it die…and, NEVER be sorry for doing it. 



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