Consider yourself…

OK, so from the start of this post, I’ll admit that what I plan on discussing will paint me as an asshole, but this is definitely something to consider. As vain as this will sound, I take at least 10 minutes to look at myself every morning in the mirror. Why? I just want to […]

A quick, hopefully easy challenge

The next time you meet someone for the first time, I would love you to try out the following: 1) Look beyond your presumptions based on what they’re wearing. 2) Pick at their brain for a bit and actually listen to the things they’re saying. 3) If you’re still alive, then talk about the clothes.  […]

A Vicious, Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Cycle?

We’ve come from a revival of 80’s fashion (although still poorly and inaccurately represented by every greek life organization on the planet) into a blatantly obvious trend of 90’s fashion. As I mentioned in my last post, a lot of folks are either going to pay top dollar for pieces that have the feel they […]

Old Becoming New And What Is It Worth?

With the mainstreaming on what one would call the hipster/punk culture (and yes, it’s been happening for the last 6 years), there has been a rise in the popularity of wearing ‘vintage’ clothing or finding pieces that have vintage bases, but with some kind of modern spin on them- almost like a mix of avant-garde […]

The Great Canvas

Recently, I’ve decided that I want to become the male caucasian equivalent of Yoko Ono (on the performance art end, not marrying a musician and being accused of breaking up his/her band.) Performance art can be so obscure and horribly simple, that it’s sometimes frustrating when looking for inspiration for projects, or what one would do […]

Fashion (or lack of) in the Academe

Note: Although there will be a lot of criticism on my part, based on observations, this is just solely my opinion. I do not wish to attack anyone’s personal fashion preference, no mater what I may personally think of it. As of the beginning of January, I have successfully re-entered the world of academia! Along […]